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our queens and bees are our pride

The beekeeping started as a hobby a few decades ago. Today beekeeping is our lifestyle.

Far away from the city noise, industry, busy transport roads and intensive farming we look after over three hundred bee families with love and care.

We keep bee colonies in intact nature environment on fifteen  locations on the altitude from 400 to 650 meters in the surrounding area of Laško, Slovenia. Good location allows our bees rapid spring development (which started already in April). Our bees have at disposal nectar and honeydew flow. Our bees are adapted to cold winters and hot summers.

We beekeep with advanced methods. This provides us the highest quality and allows us to fully exploit the given conditions. We beekeep with LR polystyrene and wooden  bee hives and breed queen bees in Rauchfuss-type mating hive and also smaller ones. Langstroth polystyrene bee hives create the best conditions for development of strong bee colony. When Rauchfuss-type mating hive with bigger volume of the breeding station allows young queen that in it physiologically ripen, so queens  are better quality; especially in case of bad weather conditions during the breeding (cold and rainy season…).  


Our Standards

In order to ensure top-quality breeding stock, we first select queens with the best economic results on the basis of ongoing observation of bee colonies on the basis of the selection criteria – high honey yield, calmness, good cleaning abilities, purety of the breed, les prome to swarming and size of queen bee. Secondly, among the colonies from the first selection we pick up the colonies with the best morphological characteristics typical for CARNICA.

We also pay a lot of attention to creating of the drone breeding lines.


- high honey yield
- rapid spring development
- good cleaning instinct
- resistance to bee diseases
- calmness and placidity
- good brood laying

The breeding of our queen bees is under constant supervision of the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia. We regularly measure the cubital index on queen bees (2,4-3,0) and perform PIN testing (testing their cleaning capabilities).

The orders that we get from around the world are a reflection of the quality of our queen bees.



Our products


All our bees and queens are under regular state veterinarian control. Our honey is under internal control and is pre-screened at the reference laboratory. We beekeeping according to the guidelines of good hygienic habits in accordance with the principles of the HACCP system. Our approach to breeding queen bees based on mimicking natural reproduction. Bees colletc honey in unspoiled nature, far away from industry, cities, intensive farming and busy transport roads. The nearest larger settlement is Laško.



we are queen carnica team

Venčeslav Lešek

Venčeslav Lešek

master beekeeper
Romana Klinar

Romana Klinar