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Our breeding station

Olešče 28, 3270 Laško, Slovenija
+386 31 65 28 29
Business months
for PACKAGE BEES:  April – May
for FRAME NUCS:      April – May
for HONEY:                  all year
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+386 31 65 28 29

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Venčeslav Lešek
master beekeeper

Venčeslav Lešek

+386 31 65 28 29
Romana Klinar

Romana Klinar

+ 386 31 65 28 29
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Conditions of sale
  • Order options
    We accept orders throughout all year. Orders are carried out on a first-come-first-served basis. Pre-order is not necessary, but is recommended as our capacity are limited. We accept orders exclusively through this site.
  • Season
    • April – May = package bees and frame nuc
    • All year = honey
  • Payment
    Pre -payment 30% of total amount is expected on the basis of pro-forma invoice until the date written on the pro-forma invoice. If payment is not on time, the buyer will be skipped in the order waiting line. If buyer withdrawel from the purchase we do not return the prepayment. We do not accept payment by MONEY GRAM, WESTEREN UNION, paypal and etc.

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