are young queens with a controlled pedigree (maternal and paternal line).

In the 2024 season, some artificially inseminated queen bees with a pedigree will be available.


Virgin queen bees are open mated in a drone controlled environment at Lucka Bela breeding station where only the drones from colonies selected by the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia are present.

Queens have high productivity and can be used to make new maternal or drone lines.

Queens are available from early June to late August.


The buyer receives a purebred mated queen with attendant bees in a transport queen cage. The queen is marked with a coloured and enumerated plate in the colour of the year of emergence. The buyer also receives an invoice, a printout from the herd book – proving the purity of the queen and veterinary Health certificate, which is a mandatory attachment of each sent queen and applies to all ordered queens in the package.


Queens are sent to your address by mail in accordance with the agreement.

The price of the purebred queen is 65€. The client pays the shipping costs (according to the price list of the Post of Slovenia) and the price of the Health certificate in the sum of 16 €, which is mandatory for all sent queens.

*Our breeding technology is based on mimicking the natural reproduction of queen bees. All our bees and queens are under regular control of the state veterinarian. For the treatment of varroa we use exclusively sustainable treatments with organic acids.

Sale season: JUNE – AUGUST

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It is accessible via a 6-km geographically isolated alpine valley thus preventing any uncontrolled mating.

The queens are mated at the Lučka Bela mating station. The mating station is located on an altitude 1100 m above sea level.

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    The client pays the shipping costs (according to the price list of the delivery company) and the price of the Health certificate in the sum of 16 €, which is mandatory for all sent queens.

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